Drive Green

You love your car and the freedom and individuality it provides. But this comes at a cost. Higher fuel prices and environmental concerns should make us all think twice before turning the key. Did you know that the way that you drive and use your vehicle can have a huge impact on CO2 levels? Here are some easy ways to help keep you driving green.

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Maintain you vehicle

This could be the best way to improve your fuel economy. Keep correct air pressure in your tires for less rolling resistance. Periodic oil changes increase the efficiency of your engine and translates into better fuel economy. Routine maintenance of the air filter and hoses helps to increase the efficiency of the fuel system. Replace worn parts such as oxygen sensors and gas caps. Service the transmission and cooling system as appropriate.

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Break bad habits

Start by cutting fuel consumption. Pay attention to your surroundings. People drive home and to work or school on autopilot most of the time, blissfully unaware of traffic and road conditions, or even how they got their destinations. Prevent jack-rabbit starts. You may love the feeling of the "G's" as you take off with the tires squealing. A common problem in an urban environment is stop and go traffic. Know the terrain and plan your route. A person tends to accelerate when going up hill as speed drops.

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Keep track of your fuel mileage

When you are at the gas station keep the receipt. After you fill up with gas make sure to reset your trip meter to 0. You can calculate your fuel mileage by dividing the driven distance by the amount of fuel used. Keep a record. There is no way to tell how much your mileage has improved unless you keep a record.

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